Dear Sirs,

Due to the fact that during the Baltic Summit 2017 we would like to present you the new most interesting projects and the best innovative robotic solutions and space technologies, we decided to postpone the event from June into the second half of October.

The exact date of the Baltic Summit 2017 will be announced on this website and in other media, as well as in the invitations.

We are convinced that changing the term  of the Conference will give participants many benefits and scientific and technical teams new capabilities and longer time to prepare of presentations.

We don’t close or suspend the possibility of reporting teams that would like to present their designs, technical devices, robots or spaceships, satelites etc., as well as software and other solutions related to the project Baltic Challenge.

Companies interested in manufacturing or using robotic and space technologies are invited all time to join as partners or sponsors of the project Baltic Challange and event Baltic Summit 2017.


Baltic Summit 2017 is an international event addressed to the representatives of the world of politics, science and business, as well to the general public – all of which combine interest in new space science and technologies and robotics with the marine and inland water environment.


Honorary patronage


Ministry of the Environment
Republic of Poland

Mr. Mariusz Gajda
Undersecretary of State


Mr. Mieczysław Struk
of the Pomorskie Voivodeship


The aims of the Baltic Summit 2017 are presentation of space technologies and innovations in the field of robotics, which can serve the exploration and exploitation of – still little recognized – underwater space:

  • robots and remote-controlled underwater devices, rovers and drones
  • control, navigation and positioning solutions
  • observation and measuring satelites
  • data processing and spatial mapping

The industries that can take advantage of the proposed solutions are among others:

  • maritime and inland waterways transport
  • mining industry (mining of coal and ore, oil and gas extraction)
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • agricultural
  • fishering
  • forestry
  • drainage and regulation of water retention
  • power engineering
  • hydropower
  • wind energy (on water areas)
  • underwater research (hydrology, biology, archeology)
  • …and many others

In a special way we want to raise the issue of the environment of the Baltic Sea, as this is a closed area constitutes an important part of the European ecosystem and also significantly associated with the economy of the Baltic countries.

Baltic Summit 2017 consists of three interrelated events:


Companies, university teams, institutions, organizations or individuals who are preparing or have interesting solution, corresponding to the objectives of the project Baltic Challenge, if they want to present their projects or solutions in the Baltic Summit 2017 are invited to contact: