Underwater Robots and Drones Competition

The competition is designed for students and university staff, R & D institutes and companies involved in technologies, automation and robotics, in particular for the exploration and exploitation of marine and inland water environment and seabed.

The main task is to develop solutions – robots or drones for the purpose of:

  • exploration of the marine aquatic environment, with particular emphasis on examining the bottom of the Baltic Sea and defaulting on the seabed toxic waste from dumped chemical weapons
  • exploitation of the maritime and inland aquatic environment, allowing safe extraction or neutralization of toxic pollution and civilization waste, in particular with substances from dumped chemical weapons gathered on the seabed.

Companies, university teams, institutions, organizations or individuals who are preparing or have interesting solution, corresponding to the objectives of the project Baltic Challenge, if they want to present their projects or solutions in the Baltic Summit 2017 are are invited to download, fill and return the form to the specified in the form address e-mail.
Form of the project or solution