Congress Water and Space

Water and Space is a business-scientific congress devoted to issues related to the use of space technologies for monitoring and exploration and exploitation of the aquatic environment of the Baltic Sea. As part of the congress will be discussed important issues concerning the ecological risks of the Baltic Sea and the possibility of use of robot and drones into underwater activities related to sustainable and responsible exploitation of water resources and the seabed.

Industrial, agricultural and municipal waste pollution of the Baltic Sea – it is one of the two key issues that have a negative impact on the loss of economic advantages in terms of fisheries, maritime transport, marine and coastal tourism affecting primarily the Baltic countries.

The warfare agents and toxic substances on the Baltic seabed – it is the second issues which for several years is becoming increasingly important. The reason is sunk on the Baltic seabed after World War II chemical combat (the main in the area of the Bornholm depth – east of Bornholm, the Little Belt and the south-western part of the Gotland Deep). This is probably approx. 50-60 thousand tons of chemical weapons, including nearly 15 thousand tons of toxic warfare agents.