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Dear Sirs,

Due to the fact that during the Baltic Summit 2017 we would like to present you the new most interesting projects and the best innovative robotic solutions and space technologies, we decided to postpone the event from June into the second half of October.

The exact date of the Baltic Summit 2017 will be announced on this website and in other media, as well as in the invitations.

More information: Baltic Summit 2017


Baltic Challenge is a comprehensive program of scientific-technological prepared and realizes by the European Space Foundation.

Its aim is to initiate and support the development of efficient space and robotic technologies for the purpose of exploration and exploitation of the aquatic and hard to access environment of the seas and inland water on the Earth and on the other planets and their moons.

The use of satellite monitoring in conjunction with the work of drones and robots may also find applications in other fields related to the maritime sector, and also in other fields of business.